Information on our company

Our company was formed in 1980. In the beginning it worked as a small – scale company and its main activity was basically well – drillings and for this act the company pruduced the basic equipment.

In the meantime the demand for our service started to grow and we gradually began improvements and extension.

First the background of well – drilling became more marked (purchasing G-100 and H-50 equipment) then the tool maching and locksmith workshop started to provide considerably higher technical standard parts for this basic range of manufacture.

All of these facts provided a solid base for completing more difficult tasks with better quality.

The real improvement started in 1991 when the company moved to a new settlement.

It still functions at 3-7 Fecske street in its new bulding complex. This way the conditions of work have become even more efficient.

Soon the registration of the firm was accomplished and since then we have been working under the name HIDROSZER.

Presently the following seperately accounted branches provide our main activities:

- Pumps and water purification technology, miscellaneous industry and whole branch

- Production branch



Our company employs 18 persons in general and 2 of them are managers of the different branches.


The owner of the company is Mrs. Csupity Hajnalka Tóth.



The main lines and activities of our company

I. Pump and water purification technology.

Miscellaneous industry: wholesale branch

- pumps ( horizontal and vertical shaft: diving pumps etc.) from Italian and German import. Wholesale of pumps produced in Hungary.

- appliances for water purification: filter cartridges: iron content reducers etc. We import these products and provide their whole in the Hungarian market.

- shaft sealing with sliding ring, irrigation appliances, sprinklers, fittings and appliances for automatic irrigation systems


II. Production branch:

- tool making, shaping by machine tool, locksmith’s work, casting with non-ferrous metal, production of rubber goods ( shape moulding, vulcanizing) production and forming of plastic goods

- repairing and measuring of pumps ( on electrical and hydraulic test wortk bench)

- deep suction pipes ( for vacuum-wells), production of filter cartridges for wells

- production and repairing of well-driller appliances


Our products

- pumps and their parts (casings, running wheels, shafts, bearing blocks)

- Hollanders for hoses made of metal  ( spiater), Hardy shaft clutches made from ÖV-200.

- iron Norton-pumps and slave cylinders and plastic hand-pumps

- fittings, chek end foot valves (made of metal and plastic)

- parts for tools and machines of well-drilling.

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